Benyeda János és Éva

The main managers, scientific leaders and owners of PROPHYL Animal Health Ltd are veterinarians, János and Éva Benyeda. After graduation at the University of Veterinary Sciences (UVS) at Budapest in 1969, János first conducted research in virology at the Department of Microbiology and Epizootiology of UVS, focusing on enteric viral infections of swine and poultry. Éva graduated in 1972 and afterwards conducted research work first at the Central Veterinary Control Institute, later at the Veterinary Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. In the late 70’s the family moved to the town of Mohács in the South of Hungary, a region, where industrial poultry husbandry had excellent facilities and high standard. Based on these traditions and conditions, János and Éva opened PROPHYL Animal Health Ltd., in 1991, with strong focus on industrial poultry husbandry and large-scale egg production. The company started to work in large industrial poultry integration, directed by János as veterinary clinician and Éva as the leader of the diagnostic laboratories.


PROPHYL Animal Health Ltd. has very intensively extended the range of activities under the last decades, by covering the following main fields and subjects:

• Production of stock material for veterinary vaccines, such as Classical Swine Fever lapinised virus, Newcastle Disease La Sota strain

• Large-scale production of immunosera, e.g., Derzsy’s Disease antisera

• Large-scale production of cold or pre-incubated eggs for the vaccine industry (SPF eggs and “clean eggs”)

• Production of autogenous vaccine

Distribution of veterinary medical products (medicines, vaccines) and equipments

• Providing large scale of services on the field of Contract Research and Development (Veterinary CRO)


Prophyl entranceThe company operates on the following premises:

• SPF egg production farm - Olasz and Sátorhely

• Clean egg production and hatchery farm - Lippó (rented facility) and Bezedek

• Main office and veterinary pharmaceuticals distribution centre - Mohács

• Test facility for animal studies - Immunolab: Bár and Dunaszekcső

• Central office, autogenous vaccine production and laboratory facilities - MohácsProphyl staircase


Facts about PROHYL Animal Health Ltd for the time being (2016):

• Prophyl Ltd. in cooperation with BIOVO Ltd. is the largest SPF egg producer company in whole Europe.

• The SPF eggs are distributed by own transport services of the company to vaccine producers and other users in various countries in Europe, e.g. Spain, Denmark etc.

• The SPF egg production, the control of activities and the distributions are made in collaboration with Charles River Laboratories (USA)

• The only SME in Europe, which has facilities and services for testing biological products under BSL3 level on large animals

• Partner or associated partner in the research activities of the European Union (e.g., RAPIDIA-FIELD project), in order to combat infectious diseases and improve the conditions of health, quality of life and well-being of farm animals