Animal isolator

Research with different agents needs sufficient number of strictly separated locations for animal keeping. Chicken SPF isolators are specifically developed to provide opportunities for conducting studies with a small number of animals. Due to their advanced technical features, these isolators allow us to work with various agents without risk of in- and outward contamination. SPF isolators are equipped with a device which is able to establish pressure range between -100 Pa and + 250 Pa. In order to provide optimal keeping conditions for the animals, temperature and humidity are controlled and adjusted to the animals' needs. The useful area of each isolator is 1 m2, which corresponds to legislation regarding animal welfare. To minimize the risk during in- and out-moving of different materials, an air lock is integrated into the isolators, which provides possibility for fumigation. In order to meet high standards, our isolators are designed and produced specially for the purposes of Prophyl Ltd.

As an integral part of our services, we can offer to our clients seven SPF isolators for chickens.