Biosecurity Level 2 (BSL-2) animal houses are located in our premise in Bár. These animal keeping places are equipped with black-and-white changing rooms, air locks for material movements and air filtering options. All together we own nine BSL-2 type animal houses with a net surface of 40 m2 each.


The animal houses are suitable for keeping different poultry species, pigs, rabbits and small ruminants. Keeping technology is convertible with ease according to the needs of a given species, race, utilization claim, production cycle and specified study.


Heating, ventilation and lighting are fully automated in these objects. Taking into account the biohazard classification of a specified study during caring of an animal, there is a possibility for showering while entry and/or exit; filtering exhausted air with G4 filters; moving of manure is done in a controlled and closed manner through air locks for material movements.