High containment animal facility

In 2011, Prophyl Ltd. established a high containment animal facility in order to conduct various biological studies with highly contagious pathogens under Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) conditions. The facility provides accommodation for animals in four totally separated animal rooms and associated premises, in the so-called BSL-3 units. Each unit has a surface area of 16 m2 and can accommodate animals on deep litter, grid floor, batteries or in cages. Various animal species can be housed appropriately in the facility, e.g. poultry, pigs and small ruminants.


The construction entirely follows the guidelines of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Preventions) document “Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories” (5th Edition) and its recommendations for work with pathogens of veterinary significance.

BSL 3Accordingly the access to the containment spaces is controlled and the doors are lockable. Personnel changing room and shower provide separation of laboratory clothing from animal facility clothing.

Supplies, materials and equipment can enter the BSL-3 space only through an airlock, fumigation chamber, an interlocked and double-door autoclave or shower. Double-door autoclave is provided to decontaminate all waste material passing out from the containment area. Waste water from BSL-3 area is collected and decontaminated in a central liquid waste sterilization system. The entire facility can be decontaminated with hydrogen-peroxide vapour. The vapour generator is located in the way that it could be safely deployed remotely.

The BSL-3 facility has independent air supply and exhaust system that is operated in the way that it provides directional airflow and a negative air pressure within the containment space. Supply and exhaust air is HEPA filtered.

Building materials were carefully selected to facilitate efficient and hygienic operation of the animal facility. Floor-wall junctions are designed to enable efficient cleaning. Floors are moisture-resistant, non-absorbent and impact-resistant. Floors are also resistant to urine, hot water and cleaning agents. All surfaces are resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents.

High degree of redundancy is provided, thus all vital functions of the facility, such as negative pressure or directional airflow can be maintained. In this way, we can meet biosafety and livestock biosecurity requirements too.

The company is dedicated to ensure high animal welfare standards, keeping in mind that animals involved in research are not in their natural surroundings. The facility has been constructed in the way so it entirely complies with local regulations and animal welfare legislation.

Prophyl Ltd. is determined to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improve health and safety standards within the company. Standard operating procedures (SOPs), training, supervision and guidance are in place to ensure biological safety and the safety of the employees and everyone involved in the activities.