Conventional Animal Houses Calves

Conventional Animal Houses GoatsIn the conventional animal houses, we keep animals under “large-scale farm” conditions. Those animal keeping units are available on large surfaces.


All together at our facilities in Bár and in Dunaszekcső, there are respectively 800 m2 and 1300 m2 of useable space for those purposes located in a number of buildings and rooms.


The isolation of the buildings and the fragmentation of rooms makes it possible to ensure equal conditions for many groups of animals involved in the study, and in the same time to keep livestock with different origin separated. At the entrances of the rooms, there are means of hand and feet disinfection. The ventilation is provided either via natural or artificial way with high-performanced equipments. Due to production requirements of the studied breed, the related light program can be regulated and automated. Local and room heating can be provided in the animal houses. If it is justified on the basis of a risk assessment, exhausted air can be filtered with G4 duvet.


Conventional Animal Houses CowsConventional Animal Houses Geese



Animal rooms are suitable for the placement of inter alia chickens, pigs, rabbits, small- and large ruminants. For small ruminants special unit with outlets are available. At our facility in Bár, a stable is available with a capacity for keeping 96 cattle both tied or free.



Our animal houses can be shaped up and equipped with a high extent of flexibility, in order to adjust the conditions to the need of the species, the breed, the exploitation type or the production phase, taking into account at the same time the needs of the given study.