At Prophyl Ltd’s site in Bár, a GLP accredited laboratory has been established for diagnostic purposes in the animal health field. The laboratory exists from the first operational day of the facility in Bár and it is continuously developing in accordance with our client’s needs.

Instrument storage room, test material storage room, autoclave room, other storage rooms and scullery are attached to the proper laboratory premises.

Laboratory has been shaped up to the most recent standards, the floors and the working surfaces are alkali- and acid-proof. The basic sample processing activities performed currently by the laboratory are served with the following non-exhaustively listed equipment: centrifuges, incubator, thermostat cabinet, ELISA reader, microscopes, dry sterilizers, laminar box, autoclave, refrigerator, freezer, deep freezer, scales etc. The stock can be extended in accordance with sponsor’s demand.

The laboratory staff consists of lab leader, laboratory technicians and study directors. Three-four laboratory technicians practice the preparatory and supplementary job, three-four study directors do the scientifically exigent work while the laboratory leader coordinates the operations and performs supervisory and expert activities.


Laboratory is fully equipped with IT appliances and can accommodate a working team of 8-10 persons, but suitable for separated, individual work as well.