marek laboratory

About Marek Laboratory

Prophyl’s state-of-the-art vaccine-production and diagnostic laboratory unit and containing several specialist laboratories, was handed over in December 2018. The laboratory is located in the renovated building of the former Dr. József Marek Agricultural Secondary School, and in honour of the school’s namesake, the most famous Hungarian veterinary scientist in the world, it was named the Dr. József Marek Veterinary Laboratory (or Marek Lab, for short).

With the new Marek Lab behind it, the CRDO services of Prophyl Ltd. have improved to a much higher level. At the same time, the investment has opened the way for our own research, development, and external diagnostic service, which are crucial factors in the company’s progress.

Whether you keep livestock or pet animals, we can offer you a wide range of services, from basic diagnostic tests to serological and the latest molecular biological methods.

You can access the Marek Laboratory website here: