MAREK – the school

Both buildings of the former Dr. József Marek Agricultural Secondary School (one on Dózsa György Street, the other on the corner of Szent István Street and Tompa Mihály Street) are now the property of our company. As a company engaged in veterinary medicine, we are pleased to be able to continue to honour the memory of the former school’s veterinarian namesake.

1928 - 2007.

In 1928, the deputy-lieutenant of Baranya County submitted a request to the Minister of Agriculture to establish a winter economic school in Mohács. The plan was implemented and the school opened on 4 November 1930. Over the years, its organisation, the nature of its training, and its name underwent several changes. It was known as the Winter Economic School, the State Economic School, the School for Horticultural Workers, the Collective Farm Vocational School and, for the longest time, the Agricultural Technical School.

In 1964 the school took the name Dr. József Marek Agricultural Technical School. The statue of Dr. József Marek, standing in front of the main western entrance of the building on Szent István Street, was unveiled by Dr. László Várnagy, former professor and vice-rector of our university, in 1975.

Until its closure in 2007, the school provided Hungarian agriculture with around 7000 professionals. It still hurts today to see that the once renowned, highly equipped school has ceased its educational activities.

The two buildings

Education was provided in these two locations for most of the institution’s history. The building on Dózsa György Street was already owned by our company in the 1990s and has been the centre of our company's development. Today it houses our animal pharmacy and quality assurance unit.

The buildings of the former school on Szent István Street were acquired by our company in 2016, after the city had been unable to make use of the vacant complex for a long time.

József Szekó, the recently deceased mayor of the city of Mohács, supported our company following the purchase of the property by filling the vacant buildings with value-creating functions that are worthy of the spirit of the former school and its namesake. Our founders were also committed to realising this vision.

The "Marek" today

The main building of the former Dr. József Marek Agricultural Secondary School was renovated and modernised in 2017-2018. The renovated building houses a veterinary laboratory unit and the administrative headquarters of our company.

The laboratory is named the Dr. József Marek Veterinary Laboratory in honour of the school and its veterinarian namesake.

Dr. József Marek

Dr. József Marek was a professor at the University of Veterinary Medicine and the world's most famous Hungarian veterinary scientist. He is credited with the discovery of a very important viral poultry disease which still exists today and was later named after him, and is well known to all veterinarians and poultry experts in the world.

We have preserved the valuable educational objects found when we took over the school, which we aim to conserve and display for posterity. Therefore, during renovation, we restored one of the classrooms and the attached storage room to their original form. Former students and their teachers are welcomed here for reunions.