Our aim is to serve our partners as a professional and decisive enterprise in the field of human and veterinary research & development and production.

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SPF egg production

Our aim is to provide our users with SPF eggs of the most excellent quality and reliability.

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CRDO-Animal Testing

We serve our partners as a testing centre providing professional and complex services.

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Our aim is for our clients to be satisfied in every respect with the vaccine eggs we produce.

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Diagnostic and production laboratory

We provide our clients with fully comprehensive services as a veterinary laboratory and as a producer of biological materials.



           We are committed to

  • complying with our processes and rules
  • professionalism and animal health
  • the provision of a service that fully meets the needs of our customers
  • the company, our employees, and the local community


  • We show respect for each other, each other's work and our partners.
  • We are committed to preserving the environment for future generations by all possible means.
  • We respect our ancestors and our present values and cherish our past and traditions.


  • We strive to improve and streamline our processes as reasonably as possible.
  • We ensure the continuous development of our staff.
  • We continuously shape and develop our activities, operations, capacity and products in line with the needs of the market and internal needs.
  • We support and encourage our own R&D&I initiatives.


  • We help our employees build a community and work together as a team through a friendly and modern working environment, communication, knowledge sharing, and a family-friendly approach.
  • We regard our both our staff's families and our city as a community.


           Our aim is

  • for the services and products provided by our company to be of value to our clients, guaranteeing solid quality, accuracy, professionalism and reliability
  • to be a company with a solid financial background and organisation, and a reliable partner for our clients and suppliers
  • to operate in a stable organisation
  • to ensure that our operations and the safety and security of our activities remain stable in the long term


Financial efficiency is key to the operation of our business, but of equal importance in our day-to-day work are effective communication, efficient organisation and processes, and, in the long term, purposeful operations.